Alabama Named Greatest College Football Team In The Past 150 Years

The Alabama Crimson Tide is apparently the greatest college football program in the past 150 years.

ESPN wrote the following when explaining why Alabama was the top choice:

The Crimson Tide’s history is a panorama of strength and longevity: From Wallace Wade in 1925 to Nick Saban five times in the past decade, four coaches have won a national championship. Seven have won an SEC title. Twelve have at least one 10-win season. Everyone wins there — except Ears Whitworth (4-24-2, 1955-57). But Bama fans even love him. Without Ears, Bear Bryant wouldn’t have heard Mama call.

As much as I hate Alabama (a ton), this was the proper call by ESPN. They win national titles like they’re going out of style. (RELATED: The Trailer For ‘Westworld‘ Season 3 Has Been Released. It’s Absolutely Insane)

They claim 17 national titles, which is simply an absurd amount of success. Even as an SEC truther, I can fully admit the Crimson Tide are in a league of their own.

They’ve been outstanding for decades, and they employed the two best coaches in the game with Bear Bryant and Nick Saban.

Most schools would kill for one. Alabama

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