Air Quality Expert Sarah Coefield on Wildfire Smoke Ready Week

As timely as could possibly have been, Missoula City County Health Department Air Quality Specialist Sarah Coefield was on the KGVO Talk Back show the very day that an Air Quality Alert was announced due to wildfire smoke.

Coefield and the health department want everyone to know that this week has been set aside to provide important information about keeping people safe by making their indoor air quality a priority.

“This is Wildfire Smoke Ready Week,” said Coefield.  “It is an opportunity for us to kind of flood the airwaves and try to tell folks all the simple steps you can take to create cleaner indoor air spaces and get through this fire season. We also have some information about what to do if you have to be outside and how to stay as safe as possible.”

Indoors or out, Coefield said Missoula residents need to do everything possible to protect their health from wildfire smoke.

“If you go to Montana Wildfire Smoke dot org, it’s a terrific website with all the information you could really need about how to stay safe in different situations, how to create clean Indoor air, and what to do for different home setups and commercial

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