Ai Yai Yai! Dad Horrendously Fails To Catch A Home Run Ball And Then Crushes His Kid After Falling On Him

If taking an L was a four-second clip…

The Florida Gators and TCU Horned Frogs squared off in a College World Series baseball game Wednesday, with the Gators getting the 3-2 win to advance to the Championship Series. And even though I’m a Miami Hurricanes fan, I can’t help but to pump my fist just a little bit as a resident of the Sunshine State.

But you know who isn’t pumping their first?

This dad and his son — who I hope he bought a new video game or something to make up for this.

At one point during the game, a home run was hit by Florida, and it was the perfect opportunity for a father to catch a baseball for his two boys and share a moment with them … NAH! This dude completely screwed up the catch in embarrassing fashion, with it literally coming right at him and sliding right through his hands to slam into his chest. And then it bounced away to some other guy. Just terrible.

Oh, but it gets even worse.

After dad flubbed up the moment with his sons, he then outright falls on one of them — and I mean, literally, his

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