AI belongs in schools. Here’s how I plan to use it to help, not hurt my students

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For three years, our kids and teachers dealt with learning via Zoom. Now, they’re facing a new challenge: learning how to navigate artificial intelligence in the classroom. 2023 will be the first year when students will have access to generative AI—a tool that could enable students to feed their computer a few words and create a response for their essays and homework in seconds. 

Just as calculators didn’t render arithmetic obsolete, and Wikipedia didn’t erase the need for critical thinking, AI is poised to enhance—not replace—the rich tapestry of human knowledge. Just like calculators enabled students to engage in complex calculations faster and at an earlier age, generative AI can likewise advance the speed and depth of learning. Every transformative tool, from encyclopedias to calculators and the vast world of the internet, has faced its share of skepticism. AI is no different. 

As a parent, educator and technologist, I have some tips and tricks that may help.


We must adapt our teaching for this new technology. For my students, I ensure that there is more depth to my assignments than simply a regurgitation of information. Their homework must engage in persuasion

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