Aging grizzly put down in Flathead

An aging grizzly bear was killed on May 27 after appearing too habituated to people along the North Fork of the Flathead River next to Glacier National Park.

The adult male grizzly was an estimated 22 years old and had been regularly seen in people’s yards, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks spokesman Dillon Tabish. Bear managers captured it on May 26 and decided to euthanize it the next day.

“This bear had grown comfortable around people, which is unnatural and unsafe for people and wildlife,” said Justine Vallieres, FWP grizzly bear management specialist. “The bear’s health condition was also poor due to its teeth and age. All of these factors created an increasing likelihood for potential conflict in an area where people live.”

With both grizzly and black bears actively looking for food in or near peoples’ residences and campgrounds, FWP has scheduled a bear safety training workshop for June 13 in Missoula. The 90-minute session starts at 6 p.m. in the FWP Missoula Region 2 headquarters, 3201 Spurgin Road.

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The training offers a comprehensive overview of bear awareness and safety information, and participants will have the chance

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