Against ‘Impurity’

(Marcos Calvo/Getty Images) Pornography is a spiritual disaster, and the euphemisms of Sunday sermons aren’t getting at the problem.

It’s not a secret that we have a pornography problem.

By “we,” I mean American males, but also American Christian males. It’s also a problem for females, but not as big a problem, and I can’t speak to it very well, so I’m focusing on the male side of things.

If you need survey data to back up the claim that American males have a pornography problem, you haven’t been paying attention. Virtually every boy has seen pornography at least once. Most see it for the first time before the age of 15. Many develop a problem and have a hard time stopping. I know because I’m one of them.

People get hung up on whether this particular problem should be called an “addiction.” I don’t think that matters very much. In my book, if you have a habit that you can’t stop on your own, it’s an addiction. Not a very clinical definition, I know. So what? Call it what you want.

But whatever we call it, we need to be honest. A Christian

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