AG Names Missing Persons Specialist – LINC Coordinator

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox has named former Glacier County Sheriff’s Deputy Misty LaPlant as the new Department of Justice Missing Persons Specialist.

LaPlant described her duties in this newly created position.

“I’ll be part of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Task Force for the state,” said LaPlant. “I’ll be responsible for managing the Montana Missing Persons Clearinghouse. I will be a liaison for families who have reported a missing person and then assisting law enforcement in any investigation that they have.”

LaPlant highlighted her law enforcement background and her desire to be a part of this new project.

“I work tribal law enforcement for the Blackfeet Reservation and I worked for the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office,” she said. “I also have a bachelor’s degree in social work and special training that relates to human trafficking, child abduction, response to sexual assault, and DUI task force as well as investigating missing person’s cases.”

LaPlant referred to the Montana Department of Justice’s list of missing persons in Montana.

“The Montana Department of Justice has a website where they list the missing persons in the state,” she said. “As of 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday we had in the state 179 people

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