After 3 Hours with Joe Rogan, This Doc is Coming to Montana

He recently wrapped up a three hour interview on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, and now he is coming to Montana. The Big Sky Liberty Alliance is bringing Dr. Peter McCullough to Billings, Montana on January 18th.

Q: You’re coming to Billings, Montana coming up in January of 2022, being brought in by the Big Sky Liberty Alliance, basically started by five nurses here in Billings, Montana, who did not want to be forced to get the vaccines and they’ve been speaking out against some of these other restrictions and mandates as well. What’s the message that you want to share or that they’ve asked you to share when you come to Montana?

A: That group is wonderful, and they’re holding to some principles of bioethics, which is part of our Office of Human Research Protection in the United States. We have six cornerstones of bioethics…And what we know there is that no patient under any circumstances for any medical product or vaccine cannot receive any pressure, coercion or threat of reprisal. It cannot happen. It breaks a code of bioethics. And so people are just not going to stand for any pressure regarding any medicine or vaccine, whether it’s ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, the Merck pill, the

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