After 26 years, Missoula Thai restaurant departs downtown

Sa-Wad-Dee means “hello” and “goodbye” in Thai — a fitting moniker for the Missoula restaurant that is now saying goodbye to its downtown location and hello to a new food truck. Founder Sumalee Tdim Foy is stepping down from the operation she founded 26 years ago and passing the reins to her daughter, Am Penny.

“I think it’s a good thing for me to retire,” said Foy. “I still have things to do. I’m going to miss the customers.”

The restaurant’s last day at its current location on Broadway is Aug. 31. Foy and Penny recognized that they’ll be shuttering a popular gathering spot for a diverse crowd of locals. In particular, Sa-Wad-Dee had a special place in the hearts of many professionals who frequented the Missoula County Courthouse across the street.

Am Penny, left, stands for a portrait holding a family photo next to her mother, Sumalee Tdim Foy, owner of Sa-Wad-Dee, Missoula’s iconic downtown authentic Thai restaurant on West Broadway. 


“We’re grateful to be at this spot,” said Penny, likening the restaurant’s role in the community

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