Afghanistan Asunder – The Afghan Hounds Renew Their War On Women

President Joe Biden is about to do what President Donald Trump had proposed to do a year earlier – end the fruitless Western military presence in Afghanistan. Many, including President Trump, are applauding the move, while many others, including former President George W. Bush, are horrified, fearing a return to power of the Seventh Century Taliban.

International conflict specialist Dr. Greg Mills, who is Director of the Brenthurst Foundation, is more hopeful for Afghanistan’s long-term future. In a recent op-ed, Mills lists five primary reasons why the West failed to help Afghanistan right the ship of state the Taliban had torpedoed just five years prior to Bin Laden’s daring raid – and ways Afghans can achieve victory.

Mills, a South African who spent years in Kabul as an advisor to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), points the finger at the West’s failure to accept – from the outset – that a successful intervention in Afghanistan would require a broader based strategy than merely dislodging the Taliban.

Such a

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