Adrian Arleo's mythic sculptures in 'Dog Days'


Figures in solitude or finding solace in nature or with animals tie together “Dog Days,” a new exhibition that offers glimpses into several different styles of work that ceramic sculptor Adrian Arleo has honed over decades.

The work is largely new, created during the pandemic, which is subtly visible in some of the themes.

Ceramic sculptor Adrian Arleo with pieces of her “Dog Days” exhibition at the Radius Gallery in downtown Missoula.


“I was really hunkered down,” she said. “I didn’t see anyone for a long period. I have a lot of animals — dogs and horses and chickens, so there’s a lot to take care of.”

She added they were good company — “the nice thing about being with all of them was they were not stressed out.”

It’s also a rare chance to see the Lolo creator’s work in large quantities — “Dog Days” is her first exhibition in Missoula since 1996 at the Missoula Art Museum, although she’s lived here since the early 1990s.

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