ADAMS: Is Gen Z Quickly Becoming Gen M (As In, MISERABLE)?

Thanksgiving week seems an appropriate time to take stock of all the abundant blessings in one’s life. And despite a year full of profound losses in my own household — my father dying of cancer, my oldest daughter departing for college, teaching in a mask in the midst of a pandemic that never seems to end — I still consider myself a supremely lucky man for the same reasons that most Americans consider themselves to be lucky.

I love my wife and children. I love my friends and extended family. I love my country. I find meaning in my teaching and writing. My faith continues to sustain me through the deep valleys of middle age. Sure, I wish I was richer, slimmer and younger. Who doesn’t? But on balance, I have no real complaints. From time to time — not often, I am afraid — and for no particular reason at all, I even find myself in the midst of sublime and ineffable wonderment, immersed in the simple ecstasy of simply being alive, as though the quiet pulse of existence mired in daily routine suddenly decides to give way to the briefest glimpse of some grand truth or transcendent purpose.

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