‘Absolute epic’ conditions: Pan-Ams bike race in Missoula this weekend

At just 17 years old, Missoula’s Ellen Davis has already raced her bicycle around the U.S. and Europe, lining up alongside the best junior cyclocross racers in the world. This weekend, they’re coming to her. 

At the Pan-American Cyclocross Championships in Missoula this Saturday and Sunday, the best riders in the Western Hemisphere will take on a challenging course of grass, dirt and mud at Lindborg-Cregg Memorial Field, home of the Missoula Mavericks American Legion baseball team. The field is across Tower Road on the east side of Missoula County Big Sky Park, just north of Big Sky High School on Missoula’s southwest side. Pan-Ams is the combined continental championship race for the entire hemisphere: North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. 

A rider scales a muddy run-up in the 2023 Rolling Thunder cyclocross race on Oct. 28. The course in Missoula will host the Pan-American Cyclocross Championships Nov. 4–5. 


Sitting one notch below the annual Cyclocross World Championships, this weekend’s Pan-Ams race is one of the highest-level sporting events of any kind Missoula has hosted. Riders,

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