Abortion rights advocates rally Sunday at state Capitol

Phil Drake

Nearly 300 people gathered Sunday on the steps of the state Capitol for an abortion rights rally held amid reports the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to overturn a 50-year-old decision that made access to safe and legal abortion a constitutional right.

Over 300 abortion rights advocates gathered at the Montana state Capitol on Sunday to show support for women’s reproductive rights.

Gary Marshall/BMGphotos.com

People clutched signs stating “The ‘70s called, they want their ruling back,” and one that featured a Republican pachyderm that said “Let’s talk about the elephant in the womb.” And the rally was peppered with chanting such as “We won’t go back” and “My body, my choice.” And those in attendance gathered in song as well.

No one stepped forward to say they organized the Defend Roe event, but Rebecca Johnson brought a bullhorn and got the speeches underway.

She said she had the freedom during her reproductive life to make her own choices, but older generations did not.

“We won’t go back,” she said.

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