“A world without breast cancer has to be chosen” Cycling duo journey to raise cancer awareness

“Cancer is sneaky. It will be dormant with you being in remission for years, then it will pop up as a different type of cancer or in a different part of your body,” Bob Sherrill, a cancer survivor and self-proclaimed cancer warrior, said. “As long as there is cancer we will always have to be vigil. I’m gonna fight until we kill it…I owe it to the 3.5 million women and men who have breast cancer and the 40 thousand that will die next year if we don’t find a cure.”

Bob Sherrill and Pablo Jimenez have peddled their way across the midwest, being fueled by their goal to reach the Susan G. Komen Three Day Walk event in support of finding a cure for breast cancer.

Sherrill, who will be turning 68 on September 2, has made radical changes in his life following his diagnosis with cancer. Now in remission, he still struggles with the loss of his independence and control over his life. Starting a ‘Bike Ministry’ in his backyard to build bikes for foster youth and other children in tough situations, Sherrill was going to tackle this journey alone — but that was before meeting his road

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