A Wilde ride from 'Booksmart' to MovieDumb

Don’t Worry Darling

At the Cinemark (R) Grade: D

‘Booksmart,” Olivia Wilde’s perceptive portrait of teen life, focused on summa cum ladies struggling to escape adolescence. For once, Hollywood shined its lights on bright young women, a refreshing awakening in an era when ladies outnumber and often out-shine gentlemen in higher ed.

We moviegoers eagerly anticipated Wilde’s next project.

But that follow up, “Don’t Worry Darling,” lost me at hello, and just got worse from there.

The fact that the film’s production spewed a trail of salacious gossip didn’t help matters, but, in reality, probably pumped up box office.

There have been articles written that suggest that that the tabloid coverage was some kind of patriarchal plot – that if the director had been male the press would have yawned rather than salivated.

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While it’s true that women face more skepticism when they lead projects, this particular cinematic train wreck ran off the rails all by itself.

When star Harry Styles messed around with director Olivia Wilde during filming, the gender bias of the writers became irrelevant. Dumb choices by famous people best not be blamed on observers.

It’s frustrating to see Wilde

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