‘A very strong asset’: Flight nurse Lauren Vine’s resourcefulness helps her help patients

It is said that the first law of nature is self-preservation. For Lauren Vine, critical care flight nurse for Montana Medical Transport (MMT), self-preservation has long been the guiding principle in her life and is responsible for landing her in the career she now loves.

“When you grow up on a farm you learn quickly from a young age that there are times when no one is coming to help you and you have to work with the resources around you to get yourself or a neighbor out of a terrible situation,” said Vine.

Vine took the resourcefulness she learned on her family farm with her all the way to college. While attending school, Vine shared that she and her boyfriend at the time, who is now her husband, enjoyed participating in backcountry adventures together. Not wanting to find herself ill-prepared in a precarious situation, Vine decided to take an EMT course to boost her basic life support skills.

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