A train demolished his combine, but this Minnesota farmer walked away with just a bruise

Not only did he and his school-age daughter test positive for COVID-19, but around 12:36 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 9, Laubach was uninjured when the combine he was driving was hit by a Canadian Pacific Railway train.

“It has been a ride,” Laubach said on Monday, two days after the nearly unbelievable accident took place. He said the only injury he suffered from the accident was a bruise on his leg.

The event took place at the rail crossing on 200th Street near Minnesota Highway 55, just southeast of Glenwood.

Laubach said he had gone out to the field to harvest corn, but ended up having trouble with one of the row units on the machine. Figuring it needed to be looked at, he decided to drive the combine back to the farm, crossing the tracks, something he does several times a day.

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He looked and didn’t see a train coming so he entered the crossing. Seconds later the combine was hit by something big.

“The train was behind the combine,” due to the angle of the

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