A Short Reminder of the History of the Democrat Party in America

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” — George Santayana, Spanish Political Philosopher

Young military leaders are taught to study history and battles to look for parallels. There are certain principles that are immutable and transcend time. Last week as we heard about the televised January 6th hearings, more of a Stalinesque show trial, I reflected back upon the history of the Democrat Party in America. It is a history that can be summed up in four S-words; slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism. And if there is one unifying word that transcends each of those phases, it is violence.

I need not articulate the abject violence of the period of slavery in the United States. But it is imperative to remind the readers that this heinous institution was wholeheartedly supported by one organization or political party. It is the same political party that did not support the ending of said institution, the Democrat Party. And as a further reminder, the Republican Party was established in 1854 as a single-issue political party, the abolition of slavery.

Now today, we no longer have the institution of slavery since the 13th amendment to our Constitution was passed. Albeit, Joe Biden

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