A Shakespearean Tale About Whether Tyranny in America Is to Be … or Not to Be

Tyranny is a term recently heard quite a bit in the public square … and for good reason.

When America’s “leaders” attempt to retain their power by weaponizing law enforcement to attack their ideological enemies, that is irrefutable evidence that tyranny’s ugly face has made an appearance. Indeed, it is the only consequence possible when any political state is allowed to denigrate the Rule of Law in favor of the Rule of Man. Consider the message of Biden’s “red wall” speech coupled withthe Mar-a-Lago raid, theL eticia James witch hunt, our government’s shameful treatment of the J’6ers and the now infamous FBI early morning raids of MAGA Supporters.

The good news is this cultural malignancy has been detected by patriotic Americans in its early stages, and thus, it remains curable. But, cured it must be and now. Actually, it is our duty to do so before it metastasizes into a fatal stage 4 cultural cancer that could kill millions, as the competing tyrannies of Hitler and Stalin amply demonstrated.

To fully appreciate all that is at stake for us today, consider the

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