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Anthony Hopkins stars as a man with dementia trying to make sense of his constantly shifting reality in “The Father.”  

Brent Northup

BRENT NORTHUP Film Review The Father

The Myrna Loy

Families of someone struggling with dementia say goodbye at least twice.

Once when the memories leave, and again when the body follows.

“The Father” is a painfully realistic tale of a father’s decline, through the eyes of his adult daughter.

Thanks to a heartbreaking performance by Olivia Colman, the film should more aptly be called, “The Daughter.” Colman, as Anne, is the heart and soul of this journey.

Countless scenes are close ups of Colman’s eyes – and she sends shivers through us time, and time again.

The film begins with daughter Anne hurrying down the street to get home to check on Dad,

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