A rarity: Mountain lion family in Montana caught on camera in 2021, and again in 2022

Mountain lion family in 2021:

Swan Valley Connections, a nonprofit in Montana, captured this rare wildlife scene on their cameras in 2021. According to a post from the organization: “Unlike many other species in our area, mountain lions can get pregnant at any time of year; they don’t have a speific breeding season. In Montana, most lions give birth between May and October, with most kittens arriving in August. Litter sizes range between 1-6 kittens, with 3 being the average size in our area. Mountain lion kittens have a 66% chance of survival before they turn 6 months old, making the average survival rate 1 kitten per litter. After 6 months, that rate jumps to 95%.” (video courtesy of Wan Valley Connections)

Mountain lion family in 2022:

Swan Valley Connections, a non-profit organization situated in Montana’s scenic Swan Valley, captured this rare scene on camera. According to the organization’s social media post: It’s not often that we see a mountain lion with four healthy, dispersing-aged (~18 mo. old) kittens. These large cats have average territories of about 100 square miles, but their range is really driven by terrain and prey. In our area, average ranges are smaller, and these

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