A Quick Compelling Bible Study Vol. 31: Helpful Wisdom from a ‘Hebrew Hero’

Author’s Note: Interested readers who missed Vol. 2 – 30 of this series can click here,  but Vol.1 is here.

Are you curious about who this title is referencing? Hints:

His father gifted him a colorful robe. 

He was blessed with a prophetic ability to interpret dreams that later saved his life. 

His jealous brothers sold him into slavery for twenty shekels. 

He was “well-built and handsome.” Thus, he became a victim of sexual assault by the wife of a powerful man but it was our “hero” who went to jail for several years and was almost forgotten. 

He was released from jail only because the Pharaoh needed, and was reminded of, our hero’s God-given talent for dream interpretation that forecasted a devastating famine.  

Subsequently, our hero rose to power in Egypt, implementing his successful famine management plan that saved the people from starvation. In the end, he also saved the lives of his brothers, who had traveled from Israel to Egypt seeking famine relief.

After our hero revealed his identity, Joseph taught his brothers (and us) how to understand betrayal from a Godly perspective. Today, that “wisdom” is found in Genesis and ranks high among my favorite Bible verses.

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