A Quick, Compelling Bible Study Vol. 113: ‘Harbinger’ Prophecy Passages

News Flash: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn asked me to inform Townhall readers about his prophetic movie “The Harbingers of Things to Come.”  Then, across the nation, theaters sold out for the May 12 premiere. Hence, a May 19 show was added. Buy a ticket here.  

Author’s Note: Readers can find all previous volumes of this series here. The first 56 volumes are compiled into the book “Bible Study For Those Who Don’t Read The Bible.”

Thanks for joining our study. For weeks now, readers have noticed a “news flash” about Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s documentary “The Harbingers of Things to Come.” Note that I have promoted his movie with no compensation but believe that Rabbi Cahn’s prophetic, biblically-based messages and God’s dire warnings about our national future are calamitous and valid. 

To help us learn, raise awareness, positively react, and respond to the movie’s message, Rabbi Cahn created a study guide based on the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) verses featured in the film and relevant to God’s warnings. Today, we will examine three of those passages. 

But first, if you are unfamiliar with “The Harbinger” — Rabbi Cahn’s first New York Times #1 best-selling book published in 2011 — it is essential to know that the book

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