A professor’s regret after putting mind above motherhood

The Lost Daughter

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Brent Northup

Back in the ’70s, Sue would knit while I drove the 155 miles to from Houston to Austin. I always tried to see all Oscar movies before awards night. Austin sometimes had Indie hits in their Bijou. Road trip!

The violinist was a good sport, so long as I would come along for music nights – like the time we saw the Houston Grand Opera perform Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha in Miller Park. A brilliant rainbow of petticoats, marching onward! Simply glorious.

Well, it’s January. No need to drive – time to stream Oscar contenders.

First stop: “The Lost Daughter,” a contender for Best Picture, and a lock for Olivia Colman to earn her third Best Actress nomination – and, perhaps, her second Oscar. Jessie Buckley deserves Supporting Actress recognition. She’s brilliant, too.

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“Lost Daughter” is about women who regret becoming mothers — a rich, layered character study. The film is directed and written by Maggie Gyllenhaal, herself the mother of two daughters, 15 and 9.

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