A Gift That Will Keep on Giving

Admit it. Unless you received a big-ticket item for Christmas last year – such as a car – you likely have forgotten what was under your tree.

Most gifts wear out, break, or are given or thrown away at some point. What if you could give a gift that would literally keep on giving and continue to influence the lives of others for generations to come? Would that be worth more than material stuff?


Such an opportunity exists through the Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF), which has been helping especially low-income parents have a choice and children a chance to have a better education and a better life.

I am a regular contributor to CSF and have seen the difference it has made in the lives of children, many of whom were locked in failing public schools thanks to certain politicians and teachers unions that oppose school choice for strictly political reasons, while some hypocritically send their kids to private schools. Illinois recently and cynically refused to continue funding a popular school choice program in the state that was benefiting 9,600 low-income kids. It expires Dec. 31.

CSF is showing positive results. President and CEO Darla Romfo says during just the

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