A Father Looks At Mother’s Day

America is grappling with some fundamental disagreements this Mother’s Day. Powerful cultural forces are erasing basic concepts of maternity and femininity. If we cannot affirm a sentence like “Only women can be mothers,” then what exactly are we celebrating?

From states like California that are furnishing more support for abortion than for childbirth, to an incoming Supreme Court justice who dared not publicly define the word “woman,” some of our most basic human assumptions are more controverted than ever.

And, of course, whoever leaked the draft of theDobbsdecision has poured gasoline on all of those conflicts, as the prospect of the fall ofRoesparks fury and frustration among those less interested in celebrating motherhood than in ensuring the destruction of babies in the womb.

As a man who runs two pro-life organizations, I have the privilege to work with some incredible women who have done extraordinary work in service to families and children. This Mother’s Day, I want to acknowledge their lives and work as exemplifying what we should honor in motherhood and womanhood this holiday.

My friend Melissa found herself pregnant as a teenager, but she made a brave choice for life. She worked through school as a young mom to become

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