A driving force: New bookmobile in library’s future?

Phil Drake

A capital campaign is expected to begin soon to raise nearly $1 million to purchase a new bookmobile and for other additions to to the Lewis and Clark Library’s mobile fleet, the library director said.

John Finn told members of Hometown Helena, a grassroots civics group, on Thursday that the current bookmobile was purchased in 2012 and has aged as it has been covering all 3,458-square-miles of Lewis and Clark County, including stops at Canyon Ferry, the York Bar and Wolf Creek Bar.

John Finn, Lewis and Clark Library director.

John Finn

The current bookmobile is capable of carrying about 3,000 books, audios, DVDs, games and activities.

He said the bookmobile, which he estimated had about 100,000 miles, was purchased for $250,000 and a new bookmobile with comparable equipment would cost about $600,000. And, if it were ordered today, it would take 2 1/2 years until it could be delivered. And he predicted the cost would be even higher.

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