A Declaration of Independence from Unchecked Technological Tyranny

An “unfettered free and open Internet” policy originally made sense to nurture a promising nascent Internet experiment.  But as the past quarter century has proven, a permanent trajectory of anarchic impunity to harm others for a mature Internet is mindless madness. 

There is no liberty, equality, or justice in anarchy.  It is past time to civilize America’s “Wild West” Internet policy.  It’s time for “We the People” to call for full restoration of constitutional authority over the U.S. Internet.

There are three chief tyrannies of U.S. Internet unaccountability policy. First, it inhumanely prioritizes protecting technology over protecting people. Second, it unjustly grants technology impunity over people. Third, it disruptively empowers technology to control and govern people without any rights, due process, or access to justice.

220 years after America’s founders declared independence from King George’s tyranny, our government in 1996 unwittingly imposed a revolutionary and utopian technology policy experiment on Americans without the consent of the governed.

It was a benign experiment in 1996, when the Internet was an electronic bulletin board used by a small percent of Americans an average of 30 minutes per month.  A well-intentioned, bipartisan consensus abdicated government authority over the nascent Internet to accelerate the Internet’s buildout

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