A Courthouse Rally to Promote Indigenous Peoples Day in Montana

On October 11, commonly celebrated as Columbus Day, saw the Native American and Indigenous Peoples community rally at the Missoula County Courthouse for passage of an Indigenous Peoples Day to replace Columbus Day in Montana.

KGVO spoke with State Representative Shane Morigeau before the rally to explain its purpose.

“We’re here today to call on the state to incorporate Indigenous Peoples Day, and to make Indigenous Peoples Day as a holiday that can be a day for all of us to celebrate together,” said Morigeau. “For us, it’s always been about having a day that we can celebrate all the rich cultural heritage that every Montanan has to offer because after all, we’re all indigenous from somewhere right? And for us, part of that is talking about the truth of Christopher Columbus.”

Traditional history books don’t include the information that Morigeau shared with KGVO on Monday.

“The stories of him sex trafficking kids as young as age nine,” he said. “Also talking about how his soldiers would practice sharpening their swords by cutting people in half for fun. These are things that people don’t learn about.”

Morigeau said he grew up not realizing that the Christopher Columbus he was taught who ‘discovered America’ abused the

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