A Coup in China? Don’t Believe It


Posted: Sep 26, 2022 1:22 AM

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Strange things are being reported out of China lately. Thousands of domestic air flights have been canceled.  The military is blocking highways in and around Beijing. More Wuhan virus lockdowns. Even a report that Xi Jinping has been overthrown in a coup and is under house arrest. This last one is a laugh.

Well, I could be wrong. It is impossible to tell what is going on, for sure, in China; I didn’t even know when I lived there. Even the best China experts in America are scratching their heads.  You can never believe anything the China press reports, because it is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and communists will lie about anything and everything.  Lying has become a cultural tradition in China (believe me on that one, I spent 10 years there and NEVER knew when I was being told the truth), and, of course, communist morality is “whatever is best for the party.” So, if that means telling massive

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