A compelling reminder of what the pro-life mission is all about

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As we have been preparing for the 51st annual March for Life, and the second post-Roe anniversary, our organization has been reflecting on what “theme” or message our culture most needs to hear right now. The false narrative around abortion – whether it be through mainstream media or the entertainment industry or academia — is that abortion is empowering, healthy, and necessary. Such a fear-based message convinces mothers facing an unexpected pregnancy that they are alone, incapable, and ill-equipped to handle motherhood. We disagree, and hold that choosing life is empowering, and that love saves lives!

Mother Teresa famously said that abortion is profoundly anti-woman: all of the mothers and half of the babies are women. I shudder at the number of lives lost – tens of millions – tragically taken by abortion. At the same time, I  am reminded of the heart-wrenching testimonies of mothers I’ve met who, in regret of such a choice, are now left to manage their pain and grief.

But for the pro-life movement, this darkness is not the final word. In fact, we know that when a woman is facing an unexpected pregnancy, she most needs to hear

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