A Case Study Of How Democrats are losing Latinos in Texas


Posted: Sep 15, 2021 12:01 AM

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Wendy Davis must enjoy losing.

She became a media darling several years ago for wearing pink shoes during a filibuster in the Texas Senate that she ultimately lost.She set a precedent for a long line of socialist losses in the Texas House. The losses, like the recent stunt pulled by Texas Socialists who abandoned their posts, were long on laziness but short on substance.

“No substance,” defined Wendy Davis’ runfor governor. She was blown out by 30 points. Thankfully that loss resulted in herlosing her state Senate seat. It was hilarious. 

In 2020 she ran for Congress in a district that should have been favorable to her. But despite a fundraising advantage and the kind of positive media coverage that all the Republican money in the world literally cannot buy, Republican Chip Roy is the representative from Texas’ 21st District. He beat Wendy Davisby providing leadership that outshined Wendy’s sense of entitlement.

During that campaign, Davis was involved in a fracas and has now launched

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