89 Of The 100 Most Watched Shows On TV In 2018 Were Sporting Events

2:34 PM 06/12/2019 | Editorial

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Sports absolutely dominated television in 2018.

According to The Big Lead Wednesday, 89 of the 100 most watched TV shows were sporting events. Of those 89 events, the NFL took 64, the Olympics had 13, college football had six, the NBA had four and college basketball and the MLB only had one each.

This makes me so happy. I love the fact sports are dominating the television. It’s further proof America hasn’t lost its mind. (RELATED: NFL Dominates 2018-2019 TV Ratings, Takes The Top 2 Spots Among The 18-49 Demographic)

It turns out “Game of Thrones” wouldn’t even have held a light to sports ratings this past year when it comes to the live numbers.

Michael Mulvihill pointed out it would have been outside of the top 70.

With 13.6 million live viewers, the Game Of Thrones finale would have ranked 71st among all NFL games in live viewership last season.

— Michael Mulvihill (@mulvihill79) May 20, 2019

As long as we have cold beer and sports on TV, then this country will still be alive. Judging from the numbers above, we have a long

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