5 ways to get along this Thanksgiving – even with family members you may not like

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In a country weary from endless controversies over vaccine and mask mandates and a multitude of other political debates and disagreements, here comes Thanksgiving – a great American holiday revolving around family, food, football and gratitude.

Like a balm on a burn, it’s the perfect recipe for soothing nerves, providing perspective and calming the storms of life, right?

Maybe – but what if the convergence of family this coming week is more like a match to gasoline? 


Recent polls confirm that Americans are deeply divided on a whole host of social, economic and political issues. We may agree there are serious problems facing the country – but we have very different ideas on how we can solve them. Perhaps the only thing most people can agree on these days is that we disagree more than ever before on more and more things.

There must be a better way. There has to be a better way!

I speak to millions of people each week on the radio and we hear from tens of thousands seeking all kinds of advice for family-related issues. It might be for a marriage

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