5 ways Biden is still coming for your gas stove

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Who knew President Joe Biden hated gas stoves so much? Not only does he have multiple federal agencies targeting them, but he is also going after the natural gas supplies on which they depend. 

Like so much of the craziness coming from Washington these days, the war on the blue flame is being done for the sake of fighting climate change.

Here is a rundown of how your tax dollars are at work to restrict your freedom of choice in the kitchen:

Consumer Product Safety Commission Restrictions

CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. created quite a stir last month when he stated that a federal ban on new natural gas stoves was “a real possibility.”  The public backlash was so strong – it turns out American don’t like the idea of the feds forcing them to choose electric over gas cooking – that the Biden Administration issued denials that any such crackdown was in the works. However, CPSC just announced that it is soliciting information on the safety of gas stoves, the first step towards restrictions.  

The ostensible reason for this initiative is a few recent reports claiming that gas stoves create harmful indoor air quality, but

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