5 Things To Know If You’re Traveling Out of Missoula For Thanksgiving

The holidays are here! It’s hard to believe we’re already nearing the end of 2021, and hopefully this time around, more people are going to be able to spend the holidays with their families (since the pre-vaccine world of 2020 meant a lot of people didn’t have any kind of family gathering).

But just because we can travel again, doesn’t mean we don’t need to follow certain rules and be aware of the risks in flying right now. NBC Montana posted an article about travel safety for the holiday season, and spelled out a few key things that people should know about traveling this year.

Here’s a couple things from their article, and a few things that I’ve picked up while traveling over the last couple of months:

1. Unvaccinated Travelers Should Get A COVID Test A Few Days Before Flying

Getting a COVID test one to three days before a flight is the best way to ensure you’re safe to fly.

2. You’re Still Required To Wear Masks on Flights, Regardless of Vaccination Status

No matter if you’re vaccinated or not, you’ve still got to wear a mask on your flight – though you can remove it when you’re eating or drinking.

3. Don’t Travel If

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