5 good things Biden has done for all of us

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President Joe Biden’s approval ratings seem to keep dropping and dropping. As a Democrat who voted for the president, I cannot understand why. 

I certainly understand Americans blaming the person in power, even if they are not responsible for what ails the voter; but if you look at the facts, President Biden and his administration have made a number of positive changes in our nation which will or already have positively impacted voters. 

So why don’t we see that reflected in the polls


Here are five major accomplishments from the president and his administration since he entered the Oval Office. (And yes, there are more than five but I chose to highlight these.)


After decades when both Democratic and Republican presidents were unable to work with Congress to get legislation passed to improve America’s infrastructure, Joe Biden was the one who finally did it. 

Infrastructure is a win-win for both parties and has always enjoyed widespread bipartisan support. With the passage of the Infrastructure Act, so many things will change for the better for Americans. 

Not only will our roads and bridges no longer have a D+ ratings, but companies

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