4,676,300 Unborn American Babies Murdered In Pelosi's First Speakership

During the first four years that Nancy Pelosi served as speaker of the House (2007 through 2010), approximately 4,676,300 unborn babies were aborted in the United States, according to estimates published by the Guttmacher Institute.

To put that in more precise language, adopting the accurate wording to describe abortion that Pope Francis recently used, 4,676,300 unborn American babies were murdered in those four years.

“It’s more than a problem, it’s homicide,” Pope Francis said about abortion on Sept. 15 as he flew from Slovakia to Rome.

“Whoever has an abortion, kills. No mincing words,” said the pope.

“It is a human life. This human life must be respected. This principle is so clear!” he said.

“To those who cannot understand, I would ask this question: Is it right to kill a human life to solve a problem? Is it right to hire a hitman to kill a human life?” he said. “Scientifically, it is a human life. Is it right to take it out to solve a problem? That is why the church is so harsh on this issue, because if it accepts this, it is as if it accepts daily murder.”

In making this point, Pope Francis was echoing what his predecessor, St.

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