3 Types of Valentine’s Day Couples & Mark’s Advice For A Good Time

As of this writing, we have 38 days until Valentine’s Day. Is this a big deal in your relationship? I have had some bad days that fell on February 14th through the years. But also some good ones.

Some of the good ones bring back memories of steak and crab dinners at the Rex or Granary, candlelight, and a nice evening spent together.

Some of the bad ones include a forgotten card, buying roses that were “the wrong color” and trying to defend myself by saying, “But you were the one who said that you didn’t want to make a big deal over Valentine’s Day!”

I know all the different types of couples and how they handle the big lovers’ holiday.

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The first type of couple: They have been married forever. You never see them fight. They both know that the other one is not going anywhere, so Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar. These are my favorite type of couples.

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Type two: They haven’t been together through the double-digit anniversary years yet. She is counting down the days until February 14th. He is not sure what month the holiday falls in. There is

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