3 key ways people of faith made their mark on 2022 elections, and beyond

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Citizens across the nation experienced a range of emotions after the midterm elections. Feelings were no doubt heightened by the lengthy vote-counting process and a drawn-out Georgia run-off that followed an already grueling election cycle. 

Few saw clear victory — however, a significant number of votes for values that are pro-family, pro-freedom and pro-life provide three clear takeaways from the midterm elections: 

1. Biblical values are always relevant 

The 2022 midterm elections were characterized by extremely high voter engagement at the local level, where parents and people of faith influenced the outcome. This was especially true for faith-based issues and school board elections, where parents took a stand against the educational system’s infringement on their right to care for their children. 


Across the country, freedom-loving Americans reclaimed parental rights by wresting them from elites whose policies conflicted with traditional values and drove a wedge between parents and their children. In Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey and Florida, voters pushed back on the progressive education agenda by electing school board members who pledged to give parents more influence over their child’s education: 

In Ottawa County, MI,

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