3 days, 60 hot dogs, 1 winner: PaddleHeads 'Survivor' a success

Skylar Rispens

What started as an offbeat promotional idea grew into a full-fledged reality competition series in the PaddleHeads’ own backyard, complete with energetic fan involvement through this week’s series against the Great Falls Voyagers.

The idea for the PaddleHeads’ first-ever Survivor Series came from the team’s “Director of WOW” Sam Boyd, more commonly known by fans as Sammy B. Boyd, who is a die-hard fan of the show “Survivor” and never missed an episode in its 42 seasons.

While watching the most recent season finale, he dreamed up the idea and pitched it just days before the organization’s promotional calendar dropped this spring.

“I got a ‘yes’ from everybody and they were like, how are you going to do this?” Boyd said. “And I was like, just trust me.”

A few months later he stood on the field under the August sun, decked out in one of his famous PaddleHeads logo suits, watching the 10 contestants set up their tents on the grassy incline beyond left field.

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