3 Billings School Board Members Voted Against This Policy Change

Round one goes to Emily Pennington, the junior at Billings West High School with Down Syndrome, who wants to graduate with her class next year even after she turns 19.

Last night at the school board meeting, it was the first opportunity to address the age-out policy known as 2050. Discussions over the policy ended in a vote to adopt a revised age-out policy for kids until they are 20. It passed on a 6-3 vote.

That’s right, three people on the school board voted not to adopt an amendment to help these kids. Greta Besch Moen, the board’s chair; Janna Hafer; and Zach Terakedis. Remember their names. They are supposed to be advocates of education for all. Ballots are out now folks, keep these people in mind. Get rid of them…

Last night, Tanya Ludwig said, “I want to see Emily Graduate”. And so does the other 100,000+ people in the Billings area.

Good for that board member.

They also tried to abolish the three-reading policy for this issue and that has to be unanimous. They couldn’t get that passed either with Janna Hafer voting against it so it will take two more meetings.

Greg Upham apologized to the family for not adopting the new

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