247Sports Predicts Wisconsin Will Go 6-6, Nebraska Will Go 11-1

10:36 AM 06/12/2019 | Editorial

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

247Sports recently had some absurd predictions for the upcoming college football season.

The popular sports publication predicted the Nebraska Cornhuskers would go 11-1 and the Wisconsin Badgers would go 6-6. (RELATED: Will Jack Coan Or Graham Mertz Start At Quarterback For The Wisconsin Badgers?)

Yes, you read that sentence above correctly. They think the Cornhuskers, who won an embarrassingly low four games last season, are primed to make a legit run at the college football playoff.

Give me a damn break. Are they smoking hallucinogens over there? There’s a better chance I’m a billionaire by December than there is of Nebraska riding a wave of success to an 11 win season.

That’s simply not going to happen. It’s just not. There’s a very real chance Scott Frost’s dreams of becoming Wisconsin 2.0 are revealed to not even be possible. (RELATED: Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz Sends Message To His Critics, Says All His ‘Chips’ Are ‘In’)

I love the downtrodden people who cheer for Nebraska, but 11 wins just isn’t a realistic option.

As for the Badgers, did Paul Chryst get fired and nobody was notified? Did Jonathan Taylor get suspended from the team without it making the news?

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