24 things single parents want you to know in 2024

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If a superhero is a fictional character with extraordinary or superhuman powers, then single parents are real-life superheroes

No, they don’t wear masks or have X-ray vision (unless they work in radiology). They probably can’t teleport you across space and time or even scale a building. And they easily blend into a crowd (unlike the Incredible Hulk). 

So, what is so heroic about single parents? They have one of the hardest jobs in the world (aka parenting), and they do it alone. 

National Single Parents Day was first declared by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. (iStock)

March 21 is National Single Parents Day – a day signed and declared by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. It’s a day to celebrate and recognize those who have the daunting responsibility of raising their kids without the support of a spouse or partner.


In honor of these superheroes, our team at Solo Parent, a nonprofit organization created by single parents for single parents, gathered a list of 24 things we want non-single parents to know in 2024 (and beyond): 

Encourage us (please!)
Raising kids alone is really hard and encouragement goes a long way.

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