2020 hopefuls butter up food & voters in Iowa

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On the roster: 2020 hopefuls butter up food & voters in Iowa – Texas shaping up as house battleground – Administration clamps down on green cards – Don’t toss the bouquet

Politico: “There was a moment of silence, friendly candidate-to-candidate photo bombs, even an extended exchange of hugs between candidates. On Friday, the same crowd of 2020 Democrats that ripped each other apart on the national debate stage in Detroit transformed into paragons of ‘Iowa nice’ at the Wing Ding — making their best pitches to Iowa caucusgoers without eviscerating each other. Instead, the 22 candidates unloaded on President Donald Trump in a parade of speeches that framed the fight for the White House as a battle against hate and bigotry. Invoking last weekend’s mass shootings, they joined in calling for stronger gun laws. And they called for different approach to immigration. The event came as the primary season in the first-in-the-nation caucus state kicked into high gear with start of the annual state fair. Caucusgoers’ enthusiasm was palpable: thousands packed into the historic venue, which at times grew so loud that speakers

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