2020 Daily Trail Markers: Inside Buttigieg's “Internet for All” plan

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PETE BUTTIGIEG: Mayor Pete Buttigieg released a rural economic plan aimed at empowering rural America through an expansion of rural economic opportunities, an “Internet for All” initiative and an investment for rural communities to combat climate change Tuesday morning, according to CBS News Campaign Reporter Jack Turman

Buttigieg’s proposal includes expanding economic opportunity by providing $500 million in federal funds for “Regional Innovation Clusters.” The plan indicates the funds will go to the development of 1,000 “clusters” that will combine job training, technology and talent in order to support rural businesses and rural entrepreneurs. Funds will also be allocated to state and local governments in order to support regional economic development strategies at the community level. 

In addition, Buttigieg’s plan calls for the creation of a national apprenticeship network and a local “Community Renewal” visa program that would “provide opportunities for people who want to move to America and help build our economy where they are

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