2 Missoula plays to get staged readings this Saturday

Join Missoula’s local playwright groups for a night of theatrics as local actors and actresses come together for the Missoula debut of two eclectic works.

The two staged readings will include “Zeus, Interrupted,” by Joan Carol Melcher and “The Generations of Sarah Blackwood,” by Ean Miles Kessler.

“Zeus, Interrupted” brings myth and legend into the 21st century as the goddess, Gaia, takes the Greek god, Zeus, to court. The judge’s decision will ultimately determine if the women get their long-overdue chance to rule the world.

 The comet is quickly approaching and it should be absolutely spectacular.

Melcher is no stranger to writing comedies and this work she assures will be nothing short of entertaining, with a twinge of satirical politics.

“The Generations of Sarah Blackwood” is a story of a different kind, but also brings the past to the present as it follows four generations of one family, beginning in Civil War times. The script will be read by only a single actress who will be the voice of each generation.

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Both performances will be joined by a stage director who will be giving the performances their directions since

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