2 Helena school board trustees pay fines for late campaign paperwork

Janet Armstrong

Terry Beaver

Thom Bridge, Independent Record

Helena school board Trustees Terry Beaver and Janet Armstrong have agreed to pay fines to the Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices over late campaign paperwork.

Beaver and Armstrong were both investigated by COPP Jeffrey A. Mangan after complaints were filed against them by Darryl Rutherford of Helena in May 2021. The initial complaints accused both Armstrong and Beaver of several violations. A majority of the allegations were determined to be unfounded during the COPP investigation. However, both trustees failed to timely report to the COPP.

For Armstrong, the COPP investigation found that she became a candidate in the 2021 election on March 16, 2021. Thus, an initial campaign finance report was due on or before March 30. Armstrong filed her initial report on April 22. Additionally, it was found that Armstrong declared her candidacy on March 16 and was required to notify the COPP by March 21. She filed her notice of candidacy on

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