179 arrested Monday at Line 3 protest in Hubbard County

According to the release, at 7:38 a.m. Monday, the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office received a report of approximately 20 pipeline demonstrators on foot approaching an Enbridge pipeline pumping station on 300th Street, just north of Park Rapids, later confirmed to be the Two Inlet Pump Station.

More calls were made to the sheriff’s office reporting additional demonstrators on site attempting to scale the fence with ladders. As Hubbard County Deputies responded, further reports came in including demonstrator numbers growing to 300 individuals at the Enbridge property. There were 43 Enbridge employees unable to exit the property due to the demonstrators locking them in behind the front gate, the release said.

Not long after deputies arrived on the scene, numerous vehicles were parked along U.S. Highway 71 along with a large number of demonstrators walking on the roadway creating what the release called a traffic hazard.

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“Enbridge employees were eventually able to exit the premises, it was learned that demonstrators had caused a large amount of damage to Enbridge equipment and other assets,” the release said. “Demonstrators

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